Business is all over the world. So are we.

As enthusiastic explorers we try and map the whole planet to establish long-term international relationships with our clients. So yeah, we do believe in long-distance love, too. And to those we care about we give everything we can: the brains and the hearts of a dedicated & experienced professional team, served as fresh extensive ideas that work across all platforms. A special focus on our favourites – video and 3D production – is just the cherry on the cake.


Our big mission is to help the brands we are engaged with shine in their full glory, to enable them to create & maintain a trustful, loving relationship with the members of their community. For the fulfillment of this dream we offer a truly colorful bouquet of creative solutions. Look:


Once we have the core concept, we go on by finding the matching visual world (sure it includes a memorable key visual) and tone of voice. We work towards the details like POS materials or language adaptations from this center.


All that brand! We are glad to modestly present ourselves as experts in this field too. From finding the right brand name, the matching logo and corporate identity to the best fitting launch materials, we undertake all assignments for when a brand is (re)born.


Did someone say on-brand packaging? As we never ever undervalue the importance of any ingredients, we put a great emphasis on this slice of the full cake as well. And not to brag, but we make use of some classic, proper art school education here.


What’s on this plate? Oh wow... delicious banners, home-made microsites, tasty applications (online, facebook, device-based, suitable for vegans too), spicy websites & video templates, hearty viral campaigns, sweet social media services, savoury games... Hungry yet?

Creative Reel

Now, although we have a dedicated ‘About Us’ section on this site, probably this short video tells at least as much about who we are. Like when you put a cute little idea inside another idea inside another idea inside another idea inside…


We don’t just give away half-baked ideas, we ready-make them according to your taste. With extensive experience in the complete execution of different video materials, we believe that the process itself is not less important than the final outcome, so we always work according to this.


The kind of stuff big agencies typically outsource. Well, we would never do such a thing - which has some selfish reasons, too, as it’s one of our favourite playgrounds. Some of us even have wild dreams about becoming world-known experts in this area (not kidding).


We are proud to solve *almost* every task of a big production with our great, in-house talents. With a smoother-than-average process, prompt communication and by the way, have we already mentioned it will take you less time and money than usual? Try us!


According to the often unique needs of this special channel, we are happy to provide you with ideas on what & how to produce. You might just need a few seconds only, but even if it is a complete series you’re after – we can definitely sort it out.


Sometimes it is really on the inside that matters. But not even this essential should stay invisible to the eye! Get your colleagues and team mates on board and communicate even internally in a way your precious message deserves to be delivered. No offense to your presentation skills!

Digital Reel

We cover a wider spectrum than the colours of the rainbow. Also, this is more 3D than the rainbow. And we cover more industries, too. Pharma, FMCG, Property – you name it. And you still thought the rainbow was inspiring?

Our lovely community